What is Deep Truthing?

What is Deep Truthing?

In my speech at the Conference of the National-Anarchist International in Madrid on June 17th 2017 I mentioned Deep Truthing. After my speeach some spoke to me and showed interest in it. I said I will send some material.

There is a book of mine, called “Die Wahrheit – sie sagen und in ihr leben” (The Truth – to tell it and to live in it) but currently there is no translation of it.

My German web site tiefenwahrheit.de (truth in depth, truth in the deep) is currently being translated in English: deeptruthing.com. 

Until then, I thought I write some lines to present you Deep Truthing and give you two examples of Deep Truthing sessions.

Deep Truthing is extremely simple, it is very easy to understand and to practice – it just consists of telling the truth. What sounds inconsequential and trivial is extremely important, not only individually, but it can be the core of the post-apocalyptic human culture. It is no coincidence that it is a national-anarchist who discovered and developed Deep Truthing.

One way to introduce into Deep Truthing is this: There are two kinds of truth:

1. The truth of your current life or Truth of Today. This truth is crucial for the quality of your life. It’s to know what you like and what your needs are, the way you want to live – and than to know how to achieve it. So you need the Truth of Today towards your inner person and the Truth of Today concerning the outside – there where you can satisfy your needs. Both informations are essential. In fact, there is nothing else but Truth number 1 – everything else is illusion and dream, captivation in…:

2. This is the truth or the part of the truth that has never been spoken out, that nobody wanted to hear and that you can speak out now. You can make up leeway, it will liberate you. We can call it the Old Truth. This unsaid and even uncounscious truth is the cause that you are torn apart between what you think is your truth and other, more or less strange feelings and ideas inside of you.

Now, the more you tell it in a complete – that is verbal, emotional and corporal – way, the more there will be one truth in you (instead of different truths) and the more you will be in an absolut natural balance, grounded in your own depth.

Now the problem is that Truth number 1 is more or less affected and influenced by Truth number 2. The more you express and integrate truth number 2 (the Old Truth, the one that is hidden inside), the quicker it will disappear and make the way free for Truth number 1.

The more you progress on the path of Truth number 2, the less contradictory ideas and feelings will remain, and in the end you will be a whole and only person who knows exactly who he/she is and what she/he wants; there will be only one truth: Truth number 1, the truth of today. Until it is not spoken out, the old truth stands in the way of the truth of the adult. But it has not only the right to exist – is your chance to get back on the real track!

The more you learn about yourself and the more you are free to acknowledge everything about yourself, the more you are open to understand other people and the world. There will be nothing to be afraid of anymore. You have nothing to hide anymore, so others will know you very well, too, and you will become very reliable for them and the community. Real community is a matter of trust. A person who has nothing to hide is a trustworthy person. A community of people who don’t know and trust eachother will break after a few months.

It is a fight against yourself, hiding things inside and not acknowledging them. It is not enough just to acknowledge but to express the feelings that are the reasons why you hid them. Stop the fight, just let it be, cry it out.

What was called in psychotherapy “healing” and is called in Deep Truthing now just becoming and being true, is based on the following: When hurt oder deprived and then not comforted by the mother or the father and not given the opportunity to speak out the bitter truth and to be sad or angry, a child pushes his needs out of his truth, loses his truth, becomes untrue and dies to some extend. Now it is possible for her or him to find a second adult person (e.g. a grandmother) who comforts him and gives him or her the opportunity to stay true and alive. It is difficult because he has to return to Mom and Dad, but the grandmother can safe him, it is absolute possible and happens often. If there is no loving granny, it can be later still a third person (e.g. a teacher) who can safe the child but it is becoming more and more unlikely and extremely difficult. But for us only one thing counts: it is always possible! What did not happen at the age of four can happen in the age of sixty! The condition is: the child (or the youth or later the adult) must have the opportunity to speak out what happened to him. In the end this can be in a session of Deep Truthing.

Some words about sessions in Deep Truthing:

As Truth number 1 is essential and crucial and decisive for our life of today, we begin a session with this truth and speak about the problems we have in our every day life of today: we say for what reason we want a session in Deep Truthing. We will then come automatically to a point where we will discover the above mentioned affection and influence of Truth number 2 on our current life. It is in that moment that we switch automatically in the mode of truth number 2, we become for a moment the child that could not speak out his truth. Only if this point is reached in a very true and authentic way, than our past is of interest for you. Otherwise there is no interest for the past or the childhood.

So let’s forget Truth “number 1” and “2”, “truth of today” or “truth of yesterday”! There is just one truth in every moment, this very truth that you feel exactly as true is the only thing that we are interested in and that we follow and that we intensify. Forget everything of any theory. Everybody is doing in a session of Deep Truthing what he or she wants to do.

Deep Truthing is an absolute phenomenological approach (in the sense of Heidegger, not in the sense of Hegel which is quite the opposite), that means: tell it like it is; feel, sense and see inside of you and find your own images and words for it, express it directly from there; it is really very intimate and delicate. Let your heart and your body speak, but don’t stop when it gets emotional.

An intellectual like Heidegger had no idea of what is Deep Truthing, he remained only on the (verbal) surface, but sure he took the first steps towards Deep Truthing.

I am a post-intellectual, I have not much interest in any historical, philosophical, scientific etc. things (I mentioned this in my speech when saying that with the neolithic revolution began all these negative things as state, intellectualism and so on – the whole alienation) but finally I would like – nevertheless and to make me understand – to give Deep Truthing some kind of placement on the continuum of human history: I don’t remember exactly but I think it was the French erudite in indo-european studies Georges Dumézil who said that in the ancient times, the indo-europeans had only one culture and religion: the Truth.

As I said in my speech, Deep Thruthing is both continuation and replacing of psychotherapy. On the one hand it is clearly going beyond it but on the other hand it is part of the psychotherapeutic tradition, although leaving it behind. It was in an intense engagement in psychotherapy that psychotherapy was finally overcome or – as I prefer to say – undercome.

To give it yet another classification and to describe the tradition in which is located Deep Truthing, it is the so called Humanistic Schools of psychotherapy which are forerunners of Deep Truthing: Existential Therapy, Person-centered Therapy, Gestalt, Focusing, Reichian techniques (Character-Analysis) etc., and, the most important, Primal Therapy. In as much each of these schools gives opportunity to find out and to express the truth in a total free and unhindered way these schools and their therapies are useful and beneficial.

Deep Truthing is nothing beneficial, it is telling the truth for its own sake, whether it is beneficial or maleficial. One condition for the success of Deep Truthing is the unconditional and absolute telling of the truth. There is primarily no success that we want to reach, only the truth. If we corrupt ourselves with any goals as success, healing etc., it will not work. It has to be absolutely pure.

You will not believe it as long you have not felt it but: the truth can be extremely painful; there are hurtings and all kinds of feelings inside of us we have absolutely no clue of. But it is this truth – the whole and deep truth – I am speaking about.

I said in my speech that our will to live is almost irrecognizable and that even the question whether we want to live or not is nothing but obvious. It is these extremely deep hurtings and deprivations that lead us to resignation and self denial and it is a long and painful way out of it – but at least it is possible! It is not possible with any psychotherapy but with Deep Truthing. Psychotherapists have no clue of these feelings and they are not able to give room and time enough for the rediscovery of yourself and for setting free your will to live and to be really alive again.

To see how a session in Deep Truthing can look like, here are two examples. I mix two activities of mine: music and Deep Truthing. That means I set sessions of Deep Truthing to music. The result is what I call Post Passions something between rock opera and audio drama. A whole cycle of Post Passions is intended, its title is “I’m not there / I’m there”. I am currently working on the third piece. I work always with material that is some years old; it’s getting deeper and deeper… The said cycle of Post Passions will show the evolution throughout the years.

But before listening, please don’t forget: everyone is unique and acts in his very own personal way; I serve – as the protagonist of the Post Passions – only as an example.

1st Post Passion:
Suite for Bluesband and Truth-Teller op. 1 “Questions”:


2nd Post Passion:
Partita for Rock Group, Chamber Orchestra and Truth-Teller op. 2 “The Song in Me”:


For your understanding all Post Passions are with English, French and Russian subtitels. All texts and translations can also be read in the English, French and Russian sections of http://peter-post.net (Peter Post is my pseudonym as artist.)

Best regards,

Peter Töpfer Madrid 2017